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Government Incentives & Rebates

Here at Solar Ray, Inc. we believe in an Economy based on small businesses and a reduction in big government and global corporations. We feel the government's job is not to hand out projects with Americans' hard earned tax dollars, but to Level the Playing Field. Therefore, rebates and incentives are NOT the answer. In the early 80's, solar's credibility was tarnished by "Fly by night" outfits selling rebates for misdesigned systems that never worked.
To level the playing field, we don't need handouts, we just need the government to stop its corporate welfare program that heavily subsidizes fossil and nuclear fuels. Renewable power is ready now to compete with any other energy source on a level playing Field minus subsidies for rich or poor.

The carbon credit program is such a leveler. By actually making Utilities pay for their damage to the environment, they are now buying renewable energy to avoid penalties. PNM has recently signed a very forward thinking agreement to buy back their customers' surplus solar energy from grid- tied systems. Instead of just turning the meter backwards as was mandated by the net metering law, PNM has agreed to pay 13 cts/ kWH for energy produced in addition to turning the meter backwards. This adds up to almost 20 cents/ kWH payed for solar power! and encourages high performance. PNM in return gets renewable energy it needs to stay legal, and meets its peak demands to better avoid costly black outs. Taos Area residents aren't in PNM's district and so we can't take advantage of the deal, but we are working to put in place a similar program with Kit Carson Electric Coop.

Please remember to have your Tax Preparing Professional help you with obtaining any rebate suggested on the SolarRay website.

No Sales Tax in New Mexico
Click here to read the details on No Sales Tax for New Mexico. There is no sunset on this law, Hooray! You just need to fill out a simple form and give it to us to keep on record. (That is us at SolarRay.)

The Solar Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Exemption

New Mexico's 30% tax credit has been rendered obsolete by Obama's changes to the Federal Tax credit. He removed the $2000 cap, so now there is no reason to take the state credit, since the entire 30% credit can be taken on your 1040. The state credit while well meaning was burdened with redundant paper work. Hopefully New Mexico will come up with new, better incentives for solar electric systems. At least we still don't have to charge sales tax!

Thank you Governor Richardson.

Does your state offer Rebates?
Click on the link below to go to DSIRE, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. It will help you find what your state has to offer.

Link to state by state rebate info

30% Federal Tax Credit for Solar Electric Systems

The Federal credit was finally extended in the financial bailout package. It is good thru 2016, and (the best news) has no limit. Because of the possibility of more federal incentives in the near future with the Obama administration, we recommend going to Solar Energy Industries Association's (SEIA) website.

solar tax incentives
30% Tax Credit, Now No Limits

Please click on their logo for up to date info

Congress Extends Federal Solar Energy Tax Credits Through 2016

Link to state by state rebate info

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