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The Power Board groups and wires together all the electronic control, switching, and safety equipment of a renewable energy system. It is the heart of the system -- where the inverter(s), charge controller(s), DC and AC power centers and circuit breakers, and meter are mounted and wired together into a functioning unit. SolarRay designs and custom builds each power board for the requirements of the individual system it will control -- with over a decade of experience of successfully doing exactly that.

These are complete, functioning units -- after the board is mounted to the wall, it takes half an hour to connect battery cables and provide power for the rest of the installation. When we build a power board that will be installed by a Do-It-Yourselfer or electrician, we clearly label all connection points for battery cables, power inputs (PV, wind, generator, grid, etc.), and AC and DC loads -- as well as include any special installation instructions that might be needed.
Buying a SolarRay Power Board is the perfect way for the DIY customer to guarantee that the heart of their system is optimally designed for their needs, using components that are chosen to balance each other, and are correctly wired together -- using all the specialty connectors and parts that are unavailable at the local hardware store and are unfamiliar to the average electrician. We have seen and repaired many systems that had all the right components but were wired together unsafely and in ways that did not allow those components to function as they should (if at all). A lot of design time and thought goes into the building of a power board, and we have many years of experience to draw upon.

The Different Levels of Power Boards:

We build different levels of power boards for different clients, depending upon their needs:

  •   On the top end, we can provide fully ETL listed power boards for clients whose systems need to pass rigorous certification standards -- scientific/commercial or government applications, for example. Most systems do not need to meet such a high standard. These boards can be built for any size system.

  •   Ranch / Island sized boards are designed for large, full-time commercial use and meet the latest code and design practices. Almost any electric device can be solar powered -- within reason. Off grid versions include a generator input and auto-start capability for a top-quality, propane generator -- to keep the batteries from getting too low when electrical demands exceed energy production. (See picture at top of page.)

  •   Family sized boards are designed for full-time family use and meet the latest code and design practices. Most modern appliances can be used carefully, such as a microwave, Energy Star rated refrigerator, computer, TV, washer, gas dryer, and deep well pump -- and you can even sell power back to the grid in times of surplus production. Pure sine wave inverters are used in these systems, so modern appliances, such as new high-efficiency washing machines, can be used without problem. These provide "the good life," without going overboard. Off-grid versions include a generator input, so a high-quality portable generator can be used to keep the batteries from getting too low when life demands more energy than the sun can provide.

  •   Frontier sized boards are designed for full and part-time residences of modest needs and meet the latest code and design practices. Most modern appliances can be used carefully, such as a microwave, Energy Star rated refrigerator, computer, TV, etc. (Forget about the sauna and the hot tub, though). With some adjustment, a basic on-grid American life-style can be maintained with the power of the sun and wind.

  •   Renegade boards are for RVs, cabins, or any portable, temporary, or emergency AC power that is not required to meet strict code. Get some lights on at your hideaway cabin, turn off the RV's generator and enjoy the outdoors. This size system will run some small power tools, lights, TV, laptop computer, and cistern pump. This is the most basic level of AC power board.

    Components can be pulled from a customer's existing system, then integrated onto a new power board. (See above left)

    Whether ordered as part of a SolarRay Complete System, or as a launching point for the Do-It-Yourselfer or electrician-installed system, your SolarRay Power Board puts most of your system components in one place -- "Done right the first time!"

    If you are looking for something more than just a power board, check out our Complete Systems.

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