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"Play" with Safety

Some homebrew systems don't have any safety equipment at all. Let's listen to a conversation we had with one of these colorful characters....


Home Brew Boy: "Its been working, why do I need fuses or breakers?"
SolarRay: " We could make an extension cord out of barbed wire, and it would work. Just because you get the electricity to flow doesn't mean its safe."
Home Brew Boy: "Hmmm, thats true..."
Solarray: "Another good reason is you may want it to pass inspection."
Homebrew boy(Agitated, hopping up and down): "I ain't getting no stinkin' inspections, I'll run em' off like they was no good door to door sales...I'll.. I'll...."
SolarRay: "Put the shootin' irons down TEX, we know what you're saying, but you may want to resell this place, or rent it out, or have somebody else work on it, or add on to it later, No sense saving a buck now to get burned for five on down the road."
Home brew Boy: " well you might have somethin' there."
SolarRay: "Check out this page, we've got a few things that are still outlaw certified."
Home Brew Boy: "NOW yer talkin', Wouldn't want to mess with my image and all..."
SolarRay: "We promise not to tell we actually made your system safe, if you promise not to do anymore wiring."
HB Boy (sheepish): "OK, its a deal."

Moral of the story: Do enough homework to do the job safely with all the right equipment, or buy a predesigned and wired package system from us

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Would you use this extention cord? Believe us, it works, but it ain't safe, Spanky!