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Wind Power

Wind power can charge the batteries, when the weather is bad or at night. In the many areas, this can balance a solar power system. By investing in wind power, you are diversifying your investments. Some of your power comes from solar, some from wind, some from a backup generator, or even hydro power. Quit cursing the wind and start using it.

How much wind do you have?

Everybody calls us in the spring when the wind is blowing hard to inquire about wind generators. Is it windy all the time? High year round average wind power over 400 W/m2 (click map) make wind power a good choice . Even in areas of lower average wind speed, higher winds during cloudy weather can help balance out lost solar power. NREL Wind Data by State


Ridge tops and hills can have much higher than average wind speeds. Therefore, we recommend evaluating the wind at your particular site, before purchasing a wind system.






How trees grow offers a quick look into a site's wind potential. Look at trees growing by themselves, you don't want the influences of tree shading to alter your measurements. If the site has potential, you should notice some deformity, and what the predominant wind direction is. You want to see at least class II tree flagging to continue considering a wind generator.

If you are considering a larger wind turbine (10Kw or more), we strongly suggest installing a wind data logger, and getting at least a year worth of data. Another possibility is to install a small wind turbine and separately meter its output.

Commercial wind farms install several wind sensors at various locations and heights in order to predict a wind profile for the site, as well as seasonal changes, max. wind speed, etc. Once they have a couple of years of data, they can predict energy output for the proposed turbine, and even show investors accurately how much money can be made from the project.

Avoiding Turbulence

We often discourage customers from buying expensive wind equipment if the site isn't right. High trees, locations in valleys or other nearby obstructions make wind power often impractical. A wind mill needs the same conditions roughly necessary to fly a kite. Most installations by inexperienced people do not properly locate the wind turbine. They are always too low and too near obstructions. Turbulence created in the wake of trees and buildings is the number one cause of premature failure of wind turbines. Some have failed in dangerous fashion, hurling blades and other parts hundreds of feet. We refuse to sell or service any equipment known to be dangerous.



The Higher the Better

Tower height is crucial for two reasons:
1) Adding tower height is the cheapest way to gain greater and more consistent energy yield.
2) Turbulence is greatly reduced with height. Turbulence is the equivalent of rocks on a highway. Sudden shifts in wind direction cause vibrations and stresses that greatly reduce reliability as well as energy output.

Small Wind Installations - A Few Basic Rules

- If tree growth at the site is not influenced by the prevailing wind (at least slightly visible flagging), and the wind is not a frequent nuisance, then the energy potential does not justify the investment.

- At most locations, wind energy is less consistent than PV, and usually peaks at different times. Wind is best used in a hybrid system with PV.

- The generator must be placed higher than all obstructions within 500 feet in all directions, by at least 30 feet plus the blade radius.

- For a tower structure, budget 1 to 2 times the cost of the generator.

- Even though the AIR 403 Wind Module by Southwest Wind Power can be mounted onto a building in some cases, we do NOT recommend mounting wind turbines to buildings. Noise will be unsatisfactory, and vibration can loosen nails right out of boards.

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