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Lil' Shop O' Horrors

The Lil' Solar Shop O' Horrors

What can go wrong when you don't have the right parts installed correctly

Common "Do-It-Yourselfer" Mistakes
(and what they can end up costing)

Some of the right parts, but it wasn't complete:
Thats a good old DR inverter and Xantrex charge controller in all that mess. We cleaned this up, and had plenty of sauce to go with all that spaghetti. Rewiring this power board in the field cost much more and will never be as good as a shop designed & built model.

Rodent Revenge!
This wire ran unprotected through a hole in a wall. The critters decided they wanted to get through there too and started gnawing. Though this wasn't high enough voltage to shock anyone, This could easily have shorted out and caught on fire. This was all put inside of conduit where exposed to damage.

Digging is Hard Work.
This wire is rated for direct burial, too bad its not really buried! 18 to 24 inches deep is code for this use, not 1" to 2"! We had to hand dig & pull this wire up, dig a proper trench and rebury it. Cost about double to fix it over doing it right the first time.

Solar Shop O'Horror Exclusive!

Modules are bailing wired to a rotting wood mounting frame that is screwed to an old satellite dish frame. Frame sits on top of a special inverted telescopic pole, so that the pole is 3" in diameter at the top but actually reduces to 1-1/2" diameter pipe at the ground where more strength is needed. Idea worked so well, that they tied the rack with various cords to keep the contraption from blowing over or toppling under its own weight. Took over twice as long to dismantle without damaging the modules, and erect a new pole & rack. Believe Us, Does this sound cheaper?

This was supposed to be attached. What happened? Fortunately the battery post didn't melt down!
This is such a mess, look at the corrosion on the shelf above the batteries!



Talk about a lot of hot air! Improper connection of solar panels can cause more than pocket book damage! Want to catch Hauntavirus? Sticking your hand in this box because your system has a short will surely give you something.....?!?


Common Mistakes of unqualified Solar Installers
(may even include licensed electricians)

That used to be a battery lug!
Extreme corrosion has completely annilated this connector. Below is the galvanized metal battery tray, or what is left of it. Worse, this mess was on the 2nd Floor, and beginning to leak into the ceiling of the bedroom below.
Lessons here:
Vaseline battery connections,
don't use galvanized steel under batteries, use acid proof plastic.
replace batteries before they start making this mess.Also, we never recommend installing batteries on the 2nd floor.

Mail ordered from "The Other Guys"
Here you see most of the right parts, some wires are even in conduit, but then those main battery cables are really asking to be tripped over. If they pulled loose, they could carry up to 20,000 amps of battery current with no protection. It takes real attention to detail to make ALL the connections right!
What can we say about this one? Well, DON'T, for starters. At least there isn't a layer of snow on the wires. Don't let this be you! Don't create a monster! Let SolarRay, Inc. create a horror-less system for you!