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SolarRay Grid Tie Package Systems
Grid-Tie Package Systems

Now YOU can become your own mini power plant! You can power your own home with solar and sell power back to the power company. Some utilities are now even paying extra to buy clean solar power. Grid-tie systems are easier to design. Instead of trying to power everything in your house and having enough battery reserve, grid tie systems just sell back when they can, and you continue to use the grid for your needs. The amount of money to spend on the system is up to you. By combining energy conservation with a reasonably priced solar system, you can easily meet most of your own electrical use.

Comparing Grid-Tie With and Without Batteries
What do You want in a solar system?
Look at this table below to see which type of system will fit your needs the best.

Type of System
Sell Power Back ?
Power if there is a blackout?
With Net Metering, your energy meter winds backwards during the day as you sell premium clean energy back to the utlities
What is it going to cost?
Between todays rebates, rising energy costs, solar systems have become finacially attractive to many home owners.
A great tool for computing payback for your particular area is the Solar Estimator
Pay back is less than 20 years in many places, and the systems are designed to last much longer.
Grid-Tie Package Systems Price
& Comparison Chart
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The Heart of all Solarray's power systems are our power boards. These mount & wire all the electronic components together on a unified mounting board. Our systems include all the safety equipment needed for your application.
Grid-Tie Inverters
Remember, we at SolarRay stand behind every system we sell, so you can count on our support over the years, if you have trouble or want to expand. We stay current with all the latest technology. As even better equipment becomes available, we will help you integrate these seamlessly into your power system. We even offer a fair trade-in on your old equipment when you upgrade.
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